Alberta Energy Regulator

Development Opportunities

The AER offers several development opportunities for our employees, understanding that our employees. Competence helps to drive the success of our organization:
  • new employee orientation sessions and information packages presented upon commencement to familiarize new hires with AER
  • Lunch and Learn sessions (September through May)
  • internal/external courses, development programs, on-the-job training, developmental assignments, leadership programs, and mentoring arrangements
  • reimbursement for professional membership fees
  • funded health spending and life and learning accounts
  • a mentorship program
  • student employment
Performance Management
Performance management is an ongoing communication process and partnership between an employee and his/her leader. It involves creating clear performance expectations and an understanding of the employee's job and responsibilities.

Effective performance management requires frequent, informal communications. However, it is also important to have a record of those goals and objectives and the results achieved.

Formal reviews are conducted at least semi-annually, with results recorded using the performance management software tool, PMDA.

Performance management adds value because it encourages communication, fosters growth, records achievements, provides a link to compensation (rewards and recognition), and aligns an employee's role and contribution to the achievement of AER goals.

To learn more about working at the AER, please contact People & Culture at 1-866-217-8333 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm MST, Monday to Friday.

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